Best Sandblasting Gloves Of 2022

Sandblasting can be extremely dangerous without the use of proper safety gear like gloves. 

There is a wide range of gloves that can be used to protect your hand. To select the perfect fit sandblasting gloves, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each option and its applications. 

In this guide, we’ll go over our top picks for the best sandblasting gloves. After that, we’ll give you some important information on each and things to keep in mind while choosing.

5 Best Sandblasting Gloves- Reviews

1. Jewboar 23.6” Gloves – Best Overall

Jewboar 23.6” Rubber Sandblasting Sandblaster Gloves at a glance: 

  • Contains high-quality acid-resistant materials
  • Surface after chlorination is easily wearing out
  • Length: 23. 6” approximate 
  • Durability: Highly durable
  • Comfortability: Provides comfort for the user.
  • Thickness: Thick enough for protection 
  • Flexibility: Flexible enough not to cause fatigue to the hand during operation.

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional user, I think going for this Jewboar 23.6” Rubber Sandblasting Sandblaster Gloves won’t be a bad idea. I picked this as our best overall because of its material, durability, comfortability, and price. This glove fulfills all. It can also be used on most sandblasting cabinets, so it’s versatile and can be used for a variety of projects. 


  • Gloves fitting: Glove fits most sandblasting cabinets
  • Durability: Highly durable
  • Materials used: This glove is made of High-wear resistant rubber and built with high-quality acid-resistant materials. 
  • Longevity: Long-lasting sandblasting gloves. l
  • Installation: The gloves are well made and easy to install without difficulty. 
  • Universality: Used on most sandblasting cabinets


  • Stitching can start coming apart between the gloves and the sleeves 
  • It’s a bit shorter than most gloves, especially for medium-sized cabinets.
  • It can age quickly when exposed to direct sunlight
The gloves are versatileLength may be too short for some cabinets 
Durable than plane glovesCuffs too small for standard sandblasting cabinet
Not allergic to the skin

The Jewboar 23.6” Rubber Sandblasting Glove has a hassle-free, money-back guarantee. I recommend this for your next replacement. 

2. Dragway Sandblast Gloves – Best For The money

Dragway gloves at a glance: 

  • Dragway gloves come with 24-inch vinyl sleeves to protect arms. 
  • Fits most sandblasting cabinets
  • Features a cotton lining for comfort

Another fantastic sandblasting glove comes from Dragway. This is one of the sandblasting gloves that is best for the money.  It’s one of our top picks because it is moderately priced with fantastic reviews, Dragway gloves had to make the list. These sandblasting gloves for Dragway tools model ranging from, 60, 90, 110, and 260 sandblasting cabinets. It’s also made to fit most sandblasting cabinets.


  • Gloves Fitting: Can fit most sandblasting cabinets
  • Material: Made of Vinyl and Rubber
  • Durability: Highly durable 
  • Price: Affordable and  Best for the money
  • Installation: The gloves are easy to install
  • Comfortability: It features a cotton lining for comfort
  • Gripping: It has a rough rubber finish for ease of gripping items 


  • Dragway glove is a bit stiff and bulky for holding small items.
  • Flexible and lighter materials don’t seem to hold up for a long time in the blast environment. 
Long enough to reach anywhere in the cabinetThe gauntlets are haphazardly sewn.
It allows a firm grip of the item being sandblasted because of the aggressive rubber coating on the hand of the glove.The black rubbery residue is left on stainless steel parts

This sandblasting glove is great for reaching anywhere in the cabinet and best for the money. It will tackle any job you can throw at it, and for extra assurance, Dragway gloves fit all. 

3. Harbor Freight Sandblast Gloves

Harbor freight sandblast gloves at a glance: 

  • Features rubber-coated extra-long sleeves for maximum protection
  • It’s 24″ long rubber sleeves that fit 7″ glove ports.
  • Good quality and feel in us
  • Provides better dexterity

If you are looking for the best sandblasting glove with better dexterity at a reasonable, in fact relatively inexpensive price, then the Harbor freight sandblast glove is what you should look into. It is ideal for maximum protection, easy installation and replacement and no sand can come outside the cabinet while sandblasting. 


  • Durability: Highly durable
  • Glove fittings: Perfect fit for most cabinets
  • Material: Made of excellent material like rubber with cotton lining
  • Installation: Easy to install
  • Comfortability: It features a cotton lining for comfort
  • Quality: Good quality


  • Harbor freight sandblast gloves are not long enough for a larger sandblasting hood
  • It has a low shelf life, in other words, it may not last long after occasional use.
  • All Harbor freight sandblasting gloves, the extra largest sizes inclusive are too small for the hand of an average operator. 
Harbor freight gloves are great for fine manipulationThe base begins to tear after a few years of usage.
Easy to get on and offExpensive 
Only offers one size and maybe too small for the hand

With its features, functionality, and maximum protection offered, this is without doubt one of the best sandblasting gloves on the market today. 

4. Heavy Duty Gloves: Flameer

 Flameer at a glance: 

  • High-quality material like PVC and soft cotton makes it easy to absorb sweat
  • Offers better friction 
  • Flameer gloves are not only limited to sandblasting, it can also be applied in gardening, household cleaning, machine maintenance, chemical processing, etc.

The fourth sandblasting glove on our list is Flameer, which is a heavy-duty type of glove. Flameer gloves are designed with materials that make it possible to absorb sweat which makes them comfortable to use for the user. You can use this gun to clean anything that fits perfectly inside the container. Even for longer or larger projects, you won’t have to worry about fatigue in your hand. 


  • Durability: Flameer glove is highly durable due to the material used in manufacturing. 
  • Material: It is made of  PVC and rubber material
  • Installation: Easy to install
  • Comfortability: It features a cotton lining for comfort
  • Sweat absorber: It absorbs sweat
  • Friction: Flameer gloves protects the palm of your hand to hang on part
  • Size: 210 sandblast cabinets glove holder


  • You need to allow 1-3mm error due to hand test
It is soft and comfortable
It is double sewn to enhance durability and reinforcement 

As with all the products, Flameer has a hassle-free, money-back guarantee and works for heavy-duty sandblasting operations.  

5. Skat Blast Sandblasting Gloves

Skat Blast sandblasting glove at a glance: 

  • Applicable to most skat blast cabinets
  • Durable Naugahyde gauntlets and vinyl are the materials used
  • It went through two coating processes to enhance the strength
  • It has a diameter of 7-1/4” 
  • Skat gloves are not lined with anything

If you want to replace worn or damaged gloves on your skat cabinets, I’ll recommend this glove for you. These durable abrasive gloves are double-coated, made of different gauge sheet metals, and are not linked with anything. There are no many complaints that the gloves are too small but there are reviews that they are too big for an average user’s hand. 


  • Fittings: Skat gloves fit most skat cabinet
  • Durability: Highly durable 
  • Material: Made of long-wearing vinyl 
  • Flexibility: It is flexible to use
  • Comfortability: Provides comfort for the operators’ hand
  • Glove length: The length varies from 27”-28” 


  • Skat gloves may fit large hands and slip off
Flexible and comfortableIt May does not last long when aggressive media are used
Gloves wear and may always need replacement

Skat Blast sandblasting glove is one of the most durable and comfortable gloves available in the market. They are sold in both singles and pairs and this largely depends on your preference. 

6. Long Sandblast Gloves: Tacoma Company Gloves

Tacoma company gloves at a glance:

  • Glove size is extra large
  • Tacoma gloves are made with a grip texture outer surface and the inner surface lined with clothes. 
  • An alternative for OEM-issued gloves

If you are looking for an extra-large sandblasting glove or an alternative to gloves used on imported cabinets, then the Tacoma company glove is what you should look into. The Tacoma gloves are ideal for better fit and work well on cabinet with 7″ I.D. Arm Rings. 


  • Gloves fitting: It is a better fit for all cabinets because different sizes are ranging from medium, large or extra-large.
  • Gloves gripping: It is designed in a way that it grips well.
  • Durability: High durability due to the high-quality soft-backed vinyl/Naugahyde.
  • Materials: Made of PVC
  • Longevity: Long shelf life
  • Comfortability: Great gloves and very comfortable for users. 


  • Installation may prove difficult
It’s of more quality than OEM-issued glovesThey may not fit the ring on the HF cabinet
Offers better fit to the cabinet at the arm rings and even fit the glove well
Its snug fit  feature offers a marked improvement 
It is long enough to reach into the blast cabinet

Tacoma sandblasting glove is an indisputably reliable product that boasts a high level of efficiency without spending so much money. The manufacturer also offers a one-year warranty. Here we go, the choice is yours. 

7. Tuff Blast

Tuff blast sandblasting glove at a glance:

  • One of the best replacement for most cabinets
  • Item is heavy due to the neoprene rubber used in manufacturing
  • Dimension is 7″ diameter and 26″ in length 
  • All gloves are made of black color while the sleeves come in various colors

This sandblasting glove is one of the best gloves for a better replacement you can find. Not because it can be used with most cabinets, but because of its versatility. You can use this glove in HF blaster because it fit in the opening, thick, and of high quality. 


  • Material: Made of Neoprene/PVC
  • Self-life: Tuff gloves are long-lasting 
  • Durability: Highly durable because of the durable materials used in construction
  • Glove fitting: It fits excellently well
  • Glove quality: It is of high quality due to its thickness and materials used.
  • Comfortability:  The cotton linen on the inside provides comfort for users.


  • Not available in various sizes
  • Maybe a little too long depending on your application 
They are flexible to operate blasting gunsVery thick which makes it harder to hold small parts
Easy to install

Tuff blast sandblasting gloves were designed and built with high-quality materials and parts. There were made to fit into various cabinets. The glove doesn’t come in an XL size but they are men’s 10.5 which is similar to large.  

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Sandblasting Gloves

Sandblasting gloves are used for protecting the hand during sandblasting operations. This operation can pose some risks without the proper safety gear. Therefore, the selection of quality and appropriate sandblasting gloves is important to prevent harm and injury to operators during operation. You need to keep the following in mind while choosing sandblasting gloves: 

1. Size Of The Gloves:

Choose sandblasting protective gloves of suitable dimensions that fit your cabinets. Not getting the size right can lead to errors. Sandblasting gloves sizes that are too small will be very uncomfortable and those that are too large will keep falling off every time. With the right pair of sizes, you can be comfortable, flexible, and well-protected.

2. How long will it last?:

This is one of the questions often asked by sandblasters. Of course, no one wants to buy what won’t last long. Before buying a sandblasting glove, check and examine the materials used in construction. Durable materials are of high quality and they have a longer shelf-life than low-quality materials.

3. Good Grips:

Choose sandblasting gloves that have a good grip. I’m sure you don’t want a glove that won’t perfectly fit and grip the materials in the cabinet. You will need a firm grip to hold onto your material and move the material being sandblasted. A good pair of sandblasting welding gloves designed to grip your material by allowing flexibility and dexterity are what you should go for.

4. Fits your sandblasting Cabinet:

In addition to choosing good and appropriate sandblasting gloves, you need to choose a glove that fits perfectly into your sandblasting cabinets. This boils down to the dimension of your sandblasting glove. Choosing the wrong sandblasting gloves that doesn’t fit your cabinet can be very uncomfortable and the intended job won’t be done effectively.

After All Has Been Said…What’s Next? 

Thus, we’ve been able to check our top picks for various sandblasting gloves available in the market.

I will choose Jewboar 23.6” Rubber Sandblasting Sandblaster Gloves over other gloves because of its advantages over others.

For instance, Jewboar sandblasting gloves have a longer shelf life than Skat blast sandblasting gloves. The cost of purchasing Harbor freight sandblast gloves is higher than that of Jewboar. 

Jewboar 23.6” Rubber Sandblasting Sandblaster Gloves can fit into various cabinets and provide comfort for the user. Choose a Jewboar sandblasting glove because of the comfortability, flexibility, protection, and efficiency it offers.