5 Best Sandblasting Hoods Of 2022

Best Sandblasting Hoods Of 2021

The Sandblasting process often includes toxic materials (i.e lead, paint and silica. They are very hazardous for workers that can cause lung cancer, silicosis and breathing problems.

According to the Center for Disease Control And Prevention more than 1 million US workers are at risk of developing silicosis and out of which 5.4% die in the span of 3 years.

However, these effects could be significantly low if you are adequately protected with appropriate tool and safety gears such as sandblasting hoods. 

Here we’ve listed the best sandblasting hoods that will protect your respiratory system.

5 Best Sandblasting Hood Of 2021

1. Nova 3 – Best Overall

The Nova-3 is a true definition of class In ensuring workers safety and comfort. It is fitted with a superior operator viewing window which provides peripheral vision. 

Moreover, this top-notch sandblasting helmet is made with a rigid material designed to optimize safety and productivity in the industry. 

With Nova-3 sandblasting hood, durability is out of the question.

Our Thoughts On Nova-3 Sandblasting Hood

Why It’s Our Top Choice?

  1. The nova-3 sandblasting hood is very light, making it comfortable for the user in the industry respirator.

2. This hood has a reflective heat surface which is great because it keeps the hood cool while its distinctive green coating improves its visibility.

3. Nova-3 has the best sandblasting hood with an adequate air supply. Another cool feature that this hood has is the climate control system which improves worker’s comfort. 

4. Moreover, the Nova-3 sandblasting hood can be designed to an individual preference. You can request customization of the airflow control to suit your liking when ordering for this sandblasting hood. It also comes with an added ratchet adjusted neck pad.

More Positives

  • It has a close-fitting padding that ensures the helmet fits snugly.
  • This helmet has a unique cassette lens system that is of great importance to the operator.
  • It also has a streamlined airflow system which ensures a good air supply. I really appreciate this feature because it directs air to the breath zone and prevents fogging.
  • It has removable visors for efficiency in lens replacement. 

Drawbakcs Of Nova-3 Sandblasting Hood

  • Workers are at risk of suffering cuts, cracks, blisters as signs of abrasion if the air supply is not regulated correctly.
  • If the respirator is cleaned with volatile chemicals, it spoils thus having to be replaced.
  • Removal of a respirator while at work can cause an injury.
  • Failure to use the required components will void the entire respirator assembly

2. CKLT Sandblasting Hood

Best for the money:

CKLT sandblasting helmet was made with the workers’ comfort in mind. 

It is fitted with two receivers to enable colleagues to work while conversing, therefore, avoiding accidents. Moreover, it has an elastic material on all openings, which grips the body properly to prevent the entry of dust particles into the helmet.

It has a sticky magic design that is convenient for replacing the glass.

Our Thoughts On CKLT Hood

Why we liked it?

CKLT is a heavy-duty sandblasting helmet made from approximately 100g acrylic material that cannot break for optimum protection.

It has a replaceable lens for the canvas sandblasting hoods.

The designers of this product got the air design right. I appreciate this feature because it gives you the desired comfort that comes with ease of breathing.

More Positives

  • It has a sticky magic design that makes replacing the glass easy hence the operator can replace it on their own when the need arises. This saves on time and cost. 
  • CKLT has a vented design that ensures the free flow of air. This feature is handy during long working hours because you are assured of fresh air throughout the working time. 
  • It gives room for polishing, sandblasting, painting, dusting, cement packing, and grinding. This would have been useful in industries or also in school for practicals.
  • It can be used in different fields.
  • It is used to control the general dust.
  • It is perfect for protecting workers’ eyes.

Drawbacks of CKLT hoods

  • It does not suit people with big heads,
  • It is not connected to any air supply pump.
  • It has high power consumption because it needs a lot of pressure to operate therefore increasing the cost of operations.

The CKLT sandblasting hood has a sound air supply system even though it does not use any pump.  This sandblasting helmet is dust proof therefore protecting workers from dust-related diseases.

3. Clemco Sandblasting Hood

Sandblasting Hood With Respirator:

The constant flow of air makes Clemco reliable for prepping surfaces. It is also used in removing coating since it has numerous air respirators.

Clemco sandblasting hood is versatile and reliable. The helmet helps in the removal of contamination, corrosion and coatings from most surfaces. It should be kept under pressure to enable stopping and starting.

Our Thoughts On Clecmco Sandblasting Hood

Why we liked it?

Clemco has a heavy-duty shell with replaceable acoustic foam pads.

It has an adjustable chin strap that ensures the helmet fits well and doesn’t fall off.

 The breathing hose is attached in the center rear of the helmet to balance the head comfortably.

This is one of my favorites because it comes with a constant flow connector which ensures constant and sufficient flow of air.

More Positives

  • The Apollo 600 is rugged and durable. It can withstand a harsh environment
  • It is thick to protect the user from harsh environments.
  • It is fitted with a clemco filter that ensures free flow and even distribution of air.
  • The sandblasting helmet is very comfortable for the user.
  • It eases the containment of dust.
  • The sandblaster increases visibility.
  • Reduce the zone of influence where hazardous dust may accumulate.

Drawbacks Of Clemco Hoods

  • The sandblast uses pins that are dangerous to the user.
  • When exposed to water, the abrasive might clog, thus causing malfunction.
  • It has a delicate screen which, if damaged, can allow the entry of large dust particles.
  • It does not come with a clemco air control valve.
  • Despite having an acoustic pad, one needs to wear an earplug

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4. Bullard88VX Sandblasting Hood  

This helmet has an advanced respiratory protection system that makes it reliable for use when blasting and painting. It has a breathing tube assembly with a nylon belt. 

The sandblasting hood has an outer shell that is made of high heat ULTEM thermoplastic. I love this feature because it retains its protective abilities after a fire tragedy. The fire-resistant Nomex also ensures quick release of the chin strap in case you need to remove it.

Our Thoughts On Bullard88VX

Why We Liked It?

The bullard 88VX sandblasting helmet is light with an inner shell that has an  adjustable headband making it very comfortable

The outer hard shell provides head protection from any impact.

It has a wide-angle face shield lens for good visibility and safety.

More Positives

  • It offers abrasive rebound protection to the head, neck, and upper torso.
  • It also has a wide field of vision. 
  • Airflow is channeled directly to the users breathing zone for easy breathing.
  • It easily accommodates beards and eyewear.
  • It has a double lining that enhances its durability and protection.
  • The helmet has optional cheek pads for increased stability and comfort.
  • It helps protect the entire worker’s head from injuries.
  • It has optional tinted lenses protecting from direct sunlight.

Drawbacks Of Bullard88VX Sandblasting Hood

  • Failure to supply the minimum required pressure at the attachment point may lead to death or serious injuries.
  • The helmet respirator is very hazardous and should not be exposed to the atmosphere.
  • Failure to follow instructions might result in serious injuries.
  • It only uses hoses that are not NIOSH-approved for the use of a respirator.
  • It has a high chance of causing injuries from pressure imbalances. 
  • It should be well kept after work to avoid damage.

5. Yaekoo Safety Sandblast Helmet

This sandblasting hood is made from high strength ABS moulding that makes it super strong, safe and durable. . Another great feature is the ultra-thin lens which reduces the replacement rate of the lens, thus saving on cost.

Our Thoughts On Yeakoo Hood

Why We Liked It?

The helmet diaphragm uses double PV for extra protection. 

The hood has an adjustable telescopic suspension design to enable it to fit different head sizes.

It has an expandable radian that regulates the airflow to ease breathing 

This sandblasting hood also has two front frame views that are easy to replace.

It is a good helmet that is easy to put on, even over glasses.

More Positives:

  • It has a wide view frame; thus, the glass lens can be replaced.
  • The helmet can be used in harsh work environments.
  • The air intake is fitted with a silencer that minimizes noise production.
  • It is equipped with air grooves.
  • The helmet produces no noise since the silencer takes in the air.
  • The sandblasting hood stays sealed even during long working hours.

Drawbacks Of Yeakoo Sandblasting Hood

  • The sandblasting helmet has threads that cannot easily be found.
  • It should be decontaminated regularly.
  • Exposure to silica can cause silicosis and other respiratory illnesses.

Things To Look For Before Buying A Sandblasting Hood:

Piracy and corruption have led to the production of low-quality protective gear equipment, which exposes workers to unprecedented dangers and, in worse cases, deaths. 

Here are the things you should consider before buying a sandblasting hood

1. Airflow System

The amount of pressure that the hood produces determines how long a project will take. A minimum of 100 PSI is efficient for a project. To operate at optimum, it requires an airflow of 6 cubic feet per meter which flows through the breathing tubes and into the back of the operator’s head. 

A sound airflow system prevents fogging and heating of the sandblasting hood. For optimum comfort, you should choose a fitting hood. 

2. Consider with or without supply for fresh air

3. Is it a comfortable fit?

4. How’s the lens?

5. Do a field test if possible?

There are also several other considerations that you should make before buying a sandblasting hood.  On top of these requirements, especially for those who want a home training option, should be the availability of lenses because they are prone to damage.

Final Thoughts On The Sandblasting Hood

There are several sandblasting hoods, and the five we have highlighted are all excellent. 

However, the yaekoo safety sandblasting helmet is the best of them all. It is dust proof with a quality airflow system. The telescopic suspension system is adjustable to suit any size and increase comfort. 

The Yaekoo sandblasting helmet is fitted with an extended  radian vent to regulate air entry into the hood. Unlike other sandblasting hoods, Yaekoo has two front vision frames to improve visibility. 

Moreover, this helmet is made from ABS, a very tough material that makes the helmet very secure and durable. 

The others have an ultra-thin lens. This makes it possible for the operator to change the lens.

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