11 Essential Sandblasting Tools Of 2022

The Essential Sandblasting Tools Of 2021

I think you will agree with me when I say cleaning rust or stripping paint is always a difficult task to do. 

However, one of the effective ways to do those painful tasks easily is Sandblasting. Having said that, without the proper sandblasting equipment either you will do a poor job or waste your hard-earned money on unnecessary tools.

Here in this article, I’ve listed the most essential sandblasting tools with tools features that are necessary to do the job properly –

Top 11 Essential Sandblasting Tool Of 2021

1. Sandblaster Gun

This is the most essential tool of sandblasting, it is also called a bead blaster gun. It is majorly used in  portable sandblasting, used to direct abrasive media such as glass bead, black beauty, steel grit, sand, aluminum oxide at the surface.

Sandblasting guns come in different styles and configurations. One of the most productive sandblasting guns uses foot pedals for control. 

Nozzle holders and pickup hose and trigger guns are best for the price. 

Listed below are some of the things that make a good sandblasting gun:

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Stainless steel valve
  • Sturdy and dependable
  • Siphon-feed spray gun for easy delivery of abrasives
  • Made from durable materials

2. Sandblaster Tank

Sandblasting tank is  a container, filled with abrasive materials, allowing a controlled amount of blasting grit. 

It is important to consider the tank capacity, you may need different capacity of tanks based on your job. 

 Listed below are some of the things that make a good sandblasting tank:

  • Solid built
  • Lightweight
  • Large folding door for easy loading and unloading

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3. Sandblasting Nozzle:

This allows one to control the on/off with the use of a trigger. Different types of the nozzle can be used for sandblasting, and their usages depend largely on which type of sandblaster you are using it with. 

Some of them are; Siphon nozzles, pressure pot nozzles, foot-controlled nozzles, variable flow trigger nozzles, etc. 

Note that the nozzles will wear out quickly if your sandblaster has a high abrasive to air ratio. 

Here are some of the characteristics of a good sandblasting nozzle:

  • Comfortable to operate with no hand motion
  • Operation is easy with a hand trigger and can vary the pressure and abrasive blasting.

4. Sandblasting Air Compressor  

When you know what type of air compressor to use for sandblasting, it becomes easy to size and carries out other sandblasting operations with it. 

When selecting your sandblasting air compressor, you need to put the size into consideration, and this depends on a few factors which are:  

  • the size of the nozzle, 
  • air pressure, 
  • and air volume. 
Pressure (PSI)203040506080100120
1/8″ Nozzle68101314172025
3/16″ Nozzle1518222630384555
1/4″ Nozzle2732414955688197
5/16″ Nozzle4250647688113137152
3/8″ Nozzle557391109126161196220
Pressure Pot Air Requiement Chart (SCFM)

I have listed some of the best air compressors for sandblasting, applicable in small and medium-size industries.

  • Dewalt 120-Gallon Compressor
  • Quincy QT-54
  • Industrial Air IH992991035 CFM
  • Northstar20-Galon Portable

Listed below are some of the key features that make a good sandblasting air compressor:

  • Fairly high CFM(Cubic feet minute) output.
  • Good nozzle size
  • Good tank capacity to keep the job going.

5. Sandblasting Cabinet

This is a vital tool in sandblasting used for holding the object being blasted. 

It is also known as a media cabinet of metal boxes with openings, windows, and sandblasting parts such as gloves, used for removing paint, dirt, and dust with the use of abrasive media form or sand. 

Let’s go further to discuss the two basic types of sandblasting cabinets, which are; 

  1. Benchtop Sandblasting Cabinet:  

This type of sandblasting cabinet is used for smaller jobs such as teacups, trophies, bead blast small aluminum parts (roughly 9″x4.5″x2″) before anodizing. 

When you talk about a benchtop cabinet, you are referring to a tabletop blast cabinet. Polyethylene is one of the materials used for constructing a benchtop bead blaster. 

  1. Industrial Sanblasting Cabinet : 

Industrial sandblasting cabinets are the most powerful, sophisticated, and highly equipped cabinets available for heavy-duty tasks.

It is built with gauge steel and well-equipped with cutting-edge technologies. 

There are two major types of industrial cabinets depending on your application, namely: suction cabinet and pressure cabinet.

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6. The Perfect Abrasive Media

Abrasive blasting can serve many purposes such as surface finishing, removing contaminants, dust, dirt, or old paint. 

The process of sandblasting becomes easy when you select and use the best available abrasive media. Some of them include:

Abrasive MediaDescriptionApplication
Glass BeadIt offers an attractive satin finish and applicable to any purpose. It is environmentally friendly, chemically inert, and good for delicate, thin-walled parts.Preparation of metal surfaces for painting and powder-coating.
Cosmetic finishing
Removal of calcium deposits on materials.
Aluminum OxideIt is a sharp, angular media with long shelf life, characterized by its hardness and strength.For glass etching and profiling.
Edge rounding.
Paint removal.
Plastic AbrasiveThis is a soft abrasive available in the following composition; acrylic, urea, and melamine. They are angular pieces with varying hardness and particle sizeUsed for paint stripping.
Removing mold
Silicon CarbideThis is an extremely aggressive and hard abrasive media that provides an aggressive cutting action.Fast etching of glass.
For Removing rust or paint. Cutting stone, glass, and other hard substances.
Crushed GlassIt is a silicon-free abrasive media made from recycled glass. It is an aggressive grit.Stripping
Surface profiling
Removal of coatings

7. Dust Collector

The most effective way to gather and collect the particles of abrasive media and airborne during blasting as a result of contamination, is with the use of dust collectors. 

The selection of dust collectors is dependent on different types of blasting. You need a dust collector to solve tough dust problems by collecting dangerous airborne metal dust before it can be inhaled by the operators.

 It also increases the visibility of the operator. 

Here are a few types of dust collectors for sandblasting; Dust bag, Bag-House dust collectors, and Cartridge-type dust collectors.

Listed below are some of the key features that make a good sandblasting air compressor –

  • Heavy-duty carbon steel constriction
  • Thermally cured powder coatings for unhindered strength 
  • Durable
  • Equipped with the abrasion-resistant inlet valve.
  • Internal fire suppression system.

Safety Gears

Choosing the right safety gears for sandblasting not only protects the operator, but it’s also a factor in the productivity of the job. I have researched some of the best and essential safety gears for sandblasting. These are;

8. Sandblasting Hood/Helmet

  1. This is a very important safety gear used to protect the eyes from abrasive. It provides the operator with more comfort, better protection of the eyes and head, and high productivity of the job. The following features make a good sandblasting hood;
  • No fogging
  • Plenty of ventilation 
  • Large viewing window that provides clear vision 
  • Tough helmet shell

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9. Sandblasting Suit

Sandblasting suits are made from heavy leather or long-life nylon for maximum safety of the operator. 

This is a protective suit that protects the operator from direct contact with the dust hazard during sandblasting operation.

 A good sandblasting suit comes with breathable cotton back to make operators comfortable and keep cool.

10. Safety Glasses:

You need to wear them when you are sandblasting in a room or outside. Good safety glasses should be anti-mist, that is to prevent the lens from fogging and it must be anti-scratch.

11. Sandblasting Gloves

Sandblasting gloves are used to protect the operator’s hands from the risk of injury during sandblasting operation.

A good sandblasting safety glove must have a brushed inner liner to give comfort and safety to the operator, the ability to retain a high level of heat and excellent resistance to abrasion, and good tear resistance.

12. Pressure Washer Sandblasting Attachment Kit

With the right sandblasting kit in your possession, you can transform your pressure washer into a powerful abrasive tool.  A good sandblasting kit comes with a pair of large safety goggles for added protection during operation, a reinforced hose that provides long shelf life.

This provides a great result and makes it possible to achieve a good finish that would have required more effort. To use this attachment kit as designed, you need to follow the steps listed below;

  • Set your pressure washer
  • Make sure the media is filtered
  • Dry, lift, and keep it away from the wet zone during the blasting operation
  • Set the parts up to allow easy blasting without releasing the trigger. 

NOTE: In case your siphon tube gets into water, stop the process, ensure it is cleaned and dried and start the process all over again.

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Final Thoughts

With the application of the tips I have discussed in this article, you should be able to easily pick the essential sandblasting tools needed for effective and productive sandblasting operation.

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